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The International Conference on Sequence Analysis and Related Methods will be held in Lausanne, June 8-10, 2016, four years after the Lausanne Conference on Sequence Analysis (LaCOSA). The conference aims to bring together scholars using innovative methods for analyzing longitudinal data in social, managerial, political, health or environmental sciences with developers of methods for longitudinal analysis.

Sequence Analysis (SA) has become a popular exploratory tool in social sciences since the pioneering contributions of Andrew Abbott and the recent release of powerful pieces of software. Nevertheless, SA remains essentially exploratory and needs to be complemented with other modeling tools, especially when it comes to testing hypotheses or studying the dynamics that drives the trajectories. Therefore, the conference intends to not limit itself to SA by also covering alternative longitudinal methods, such as survival and event history analysis, Markov-based and other longitudinal stochastic models. The aim is to debate how these different approaches can complement each other.

Even though this LaCOSA II conference is not restricted to sequence analysis only, we still use the LaCOSA acronym as a reminder that it is the follow up of the 2012 LaCOSA conference.

Confirmed keynote speakers: Francesco Billari, Aart C. Liefbroer, Jeroen Vermunt