Keynote speakers

Francesco Billari – University of Oxford

Francesco BillariFrancesco Billari is a professor of Sociology and Demography at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. He is currently President of the European Association for Population Studies and one of the founding members of Population Europe. In 2012, he has been awarded the Clifford C. Clogg Award for Early Career Achievement from the Population Association of America. He is Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Life Course Research. His research interests includes demography, life course, family and fertility, transition to adulthood, comparative research, statistics and agent-based modelling.

Aart C. Liefbroer – Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute

Aart C. LiefbroerAart C. Liefbroer is a Professor of Demography of the Lifecourse at the University Medical Center Groningen, a Professor of Demography of Young Adults and intergenerational Transmission at VU University Amsterdam and a Theme leader "Family & generation" at Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute. His research interests lie in the areas of fertility and family formation, social and demographic change, life course analysis, family values and demographic behaviour.

Jeroen K. Vermunt – Tilburg University

Jeroen VermuntJeroen K. Vermunt is full professor in the Department of Methodology and Statistics at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. His research interest are categorical data techniques, methods for the analysis of longitudinal and event history data, latent class and finite mixture models, and latent trait models. He is the co-developer (with Jay Magidson) of the Latent GOLD software package.